Release Notes

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4.1 beta

  • added rule and parameter options
  • added load and diff methods on dataset, tables and rows
  • added temp-dataset (a schema compatible dataset-clone without functions and rules)
  • added content comparison on columns for list equality checks
  • some smaller bug-fixes
  • added clone-command for tables, columns and rules in BCF-Editor
  • added move-to-other-table- command for columns and rules in BCF-Editor

4.0 beta6

  • breaking: minor API update - renamed '...Changetracking...' to '...Undo...'
  • breaking: Parameter API update - regenerate model-setup code using BCF-Editor 4.0 beta6
  • fixed: optimizer bug on long access-paths including self-joins
  • fixed: optimizer bug on access-paths using 'distinct'
  • rebalanced number of optimizer added columns
  • added .net45 libs to nuget packages - to workaround a WPF-designer issue

4.0 beta5

  • fixed discard value on undo of computed columns which are excluded from undo
  • fixed poor performance when navigating in winforms bindingsource
  • speedup viewmanager update
  • speedup delete rows
  • speedup relation processing 

4.0 beta4

  • breaking: removed option "SupportsRollback" - transaction always supports rollback
  • restored deferring key-constraint checks when Transaction.EnforceConstraints is false
  • fixed an issue on subtransaction-rollback after calling compute()
  • trigger runs now in subtransaction; except MicroTransactionMode is "disabled"
  • minor fixes
  • documentation update

4.0 beta3

  • minor fixes
  • documentation update

4.0 beta1

  • Conceptual changes adressing memory allocation and caching
  • Added ID-system to use IDs rather than object-references (rows, cells, rules etc).
  • Improved debugging capabilities (Added DebuggerProxies and debug HTML-tables)
  • New change notification system using changeset instead of defered events
  • Added optional transaction serialization (serialized undo-redo session)
  • Replaced behavior-system with "Column-Option" and "Table-Option" support.
  • Replaced custom function classes with code-fragments (code fragments may call custom functions) 


  • Removed 'magic' type convert from view items
  • Removed OnPropertyChanged, OnErrorChanged, OnItemChanged in view items
  • Made NotifyPropertyChange, NotifyErrorChanged, NotifyItemChanged virtual in view items
  • Added custom property store in row views
  • Reordered and simplified API parameter validation
  • BcfPropertyDescriptors PropertyType property returns now the real property type - data bindings with nullabe properties require now FormattingEnabled = true (Windows Forms Desinger default)


  • Redesigned ViewManagers construction and destruction (BCF Library)
  • Removed ViewManagers child view lazy load (BCF Library)
  • Removed reflection for easy UAP build (BCF Library)
  • Fixed assembly resolution and type loader bugs related with portable and UAP libraries (BCF Editor)
  • Introduced optional target framework fallback (BCF Editor)
  • Introduced new options for code generators (BCF Editor)
  • Updated code generators to generate more compiler and runtime friendly code (BCF Editor)
  • Added option Optimize


  • Introduced NULL handling options (and removed magic null handling) (BCF Library).
  • Restore removed rows at their previous index when undo/redo or rollback (BCF Library).

    • Row order is now reliable.
    • Now it is save to store computed arrays in cells when using undo/redo or rollback.

  • Fixed grid copy and paste (BCF Editor).
  • Added command 'parameter: goto source column' (BCF Editor).
  • Added commands 'relation: goto depending parameter' (BCF Editor).
  • Added command 'column: redirect depending parameters to other column' (BCF Editor).


Fixed: Transaction.HasInvalidItems returns wrong result.

3.0.0 - 3.0.2

  • New license model

    • BCF Library is free now
    • BCF Editor dual license (free use up to 5 tables)
    • Free & NonCommercial Edition deprecated

  • BCF Library is portable now (Profile 259; NET 4.5, Win8, Phone81 and more see your program files (x86) folder + "Reference Assemblies\Microsoft\Framework\.NETPortable\v4.5\Profile\Profile259\SupportedFrameworks" )
  • New all/distinct row option for relational parameter access
  • New option to generate xml code comments
  • Added SavePoints
  • Optional model deconstruction
  • Optional value cleanup (e.g. for disposable data types)
  • BCF Editor command Schema Import added
  • Reimplemented ViewManagers

    • materialize values and relations (RowView returns old value until transaction commit)
    • new options to control witch values and relations will be managed


  • NOTE: Fixed a bug initializing parameters with empty arrays instead null if no child rows present. Check your functions and validators parameters always for null! (BCF Library)
  • documentation update (BCF Library)
  • added documentation (BCF Editor)
  • added keyboard navigation support, context menus (BCF Editor)
  • performance improved when using async calculation (BCF Library)
  • fixed a bug sometimes occurred when using mixed sync and async validation (BCF Library)
  • added support for covariant array generation when parameter is assigned via child relation (BCF Editor)
  • changed modifier of BcfBindingSource.GetDefaultActiveRowView() protected virtual to allow custom selection of CurrentRowView when navigating (BCF Library)


  • changed code causing unnecessary recalculations when updating relations (BCF Library)


  • fixed a bug related combobox resize occured on some machines (BCF Editor)
  • added error reporting option (BCF Editor)
  • completed feature column-property-name override (BCF Editor)
  • fixed behavior browser dialog broken in Free Edition (BCF Editor)
  • improved type-loader behavior and diagnostics (BCF Editor)
  • added some equals and not-equals operator overloads for better code analyzer support (BCF Library)


  • reimplemented transaction handling
  • reimplemented relation handling
  • reimplemented internal change tracking and execution plan generation
  • optimized exception handling
  • optimized indexing
  • added diagnostics
  • added parallel calculation support
  • improved code generation