BCF 3.2 Released

29 February 2016 | created by Hermann Jung

3.2.0 Update

- Redesigned ViewManagers construction and destruction (BCF Library)

- Removed ViewManagers child view lazy load (BCF Library)

- Removed reflection for easy UAP build (BCF Library)

- Fixed assembly resolution and type loader bugs...

BCF 3.0 Released

31 December 2015 | created by Hermann Jung

BCF Library is now

- Free

- Portable

- Smarter

- Faster

Developer Open Space 2015 in Leipzig

30 September 2015 | created by Hermann Jung

Developer Open Space 2015 findet vom 16.–18. Oktober 2015 in Leipzig statt. Ich bin auch dabei. Wer Frage oder Anregungen zu BCF hat kann gerne auf mich zukommen. Wir können das dann persönlich oder in einer Session am Samstag oder Sonntag...

BCF 2.1.1 Released

09 July 2015 | created by Hermann Jung

Minor BCF Editor fixes. BCF Library remains unchanged.

BCF 2.1.0 Released

21 April 2015 | created by Hermann Jung

A minor release of BCF Library a great of BCF Editor.

  • NOTE: Fixed a bug initializing parameters with empty arrays instead null if no child rows present. Check your functions and validators parameters always for null! (BCF Library)
  • documentation...

BCF 2.0.2 Released

22 March 2015 | created by Hermann Jung

  • changed code causing unnecessary recalculations when updating relations (BCF Library)

BCF 2.0.1 Released

14 March 2015 | created by Hermann Jung

  • fixed a strange bug occured on some machines (BCF Editor)
  • added error reporting option (BCF Editor)
  • completed feature column-property-name override (BCF Editor)
  • fixed behavior browser dialog broken in Free Edition (BCF Editor)
  • improved type-loader...

BCF 2.0.0 Released

09 December 2014 | created by Hermann Jung

Good News

BCF 2.0.0 Released

New BCF Free Edition Released


Forum Registration disabled

12 November 2014 | created by Hermann Jung

Forum Spammer 100 Points!

I will not longer waste one hour a day with fighting forum spam. Thats why user registration is disabled. May be I'll relaunch the forum with the release of BCF 2.0.

I really have fun coding BCF 2.0. There will be some...

BCF 1.1.2 Released

11 November 2014 | created by Hermann Jung

Fixed Issues:

  • Missing rows in custom views and bindingsources. Issue was introduced 1.1.1. The BCF Editor has to be updated too.


  • BCF Editor
  • BCF Editor NonCommercial Edition
  • BCF Library for .NET 4.5
  • BCF Library NonCommercial Edition for .NET...