BCF 1.1.1 Released

26 October 2014 | created by Hermann Jung

Fixed Issues:

  • RowViewModel now ignores recurrent writes while data changes are in process (sometimes caused by databound controls)
  • ViewManager gone out of sync with its ObjectModel when rows delete cascade or un/redoing large transactions


BCF Code Snippets

16 October 2014 | created by Hermann Jung

Code snippets for Visual Studio published. Extract archive after download and install snippets using Visual Studio menu (Tools->Code Snippet Manager).


bcffGenerates a BCF Function (a class that inherits BcfFunctionBase<T>)

BCF 1.1 Released

07 October 2014 | created by Hermann Jung

The update focused on usability and performance. Many functions were added to BCF Editor:

  • file & reference MRU list,
  • more code generation options,
  • designtime check for circular references
  • dependency view for functions and validators

and again: the...

Shop & BCF Editor 1.0.5 Released

19 September 2014 | created by Hermann Jung

The Shop is now working.

Digital River GmbH (Share-it) is the seller of the products and your contractual partner.

You will be purchasing a License Key that you will receive via email and can use to activate the software.

The BCF Editor was...

NonCommercial Edition on NuGet

09 September 2014 | created by Hermann Jung

The BCF Library NonCommercial Edition is now available at NuGet.

BCF Editor 1.0.4 Released

22 August 2014 | created by Hermann Jung

As mentioned in Forum the BCF Editor failed to resolve some Framework Dlls. This issue is fixed in V 1.0.4.

BCF Editor and BCF Editor NonCommercial Edition are updated.

BCF 1.0.3 Released

28 July 2014 | created by Hermann Jung

BCF Library V 1.0.3 and Editor V 1.0.3 released.

translating samples

14 July 2014 | created by Hermann Jung

After a short look at the automatic translation results, I started to translate the forum samples myself.

New Samples in Forum

04 July 2014 | created by Hermann Jung

German articles with english code comments. Databinding with WPF and Windows Forms. Computed Columns, Validators (ErrorProvider) Undo/Redo and Serialization.

UPDATE 2014-07-10: New Samples Navigation via Validator Issue List and Record Navigation...

BCF Editor 1.0.2 Released

02 July 2014 | created by Hermann Jung

3 minor bugs fixed. WPF developers should update to 1.0.2.