BCF 3.2 Released

3.2.0 Update

- Redesigned ViewManagers construction and destruction (BCF Library)

- Removed ViewManagers child view lazy load (BCF Library)

- Removed reflection for easy UAP build (BCF Library)

- Fixed assembly resolution and type loader bugs related with portable and UAP libraries (BCF Editor)

- Introduced optional target framework fallback (BCF Editor)

- Introduced new options for code generators (BCF Editor)

- Updated code generators to generate more compiler and runtime friendly code (BCF Editor)

- New option Optimize

3.1.0 Update

- Introduced NULL handling options (and removed magic null handling) (BCF Library) - this requires code-item re-generation using BCF Editor 3.1

- Restore removed rows at their previous index when undo/redo or rollback (BCF Library).

--- Row order is now reliable.

--- Now it is save to store computed arrays in cells when using undo/redo or rollback.

- Fixed grid copy and paste (BCF Editor).

- Added command 'parameter: goto source column' (BCF Editor).

- Added commands 'relation: goto depending parameter' (BCF Editor).

- Added command 'column: redirect depending parameters to other column' (BCF Editor).