Forum Registration disabled

Forum Spammer 100 Points!

I will not longer waste one hour a day with fighting forum spam. Thats why user registration is disabled. May be I'll relaunch the forum with the release of BCF 2.0.

I really have fun coding BCF 2.0. There will be some minor API changes. Until now one is a changed signature of the BcfParameterSetter.SetValue (I expect nobody noticed this class). The other is moving the StateId-Feature to the dataset behavior. This made it easier to cusomize the state id generation. With BCF 2.0 you can browse the transactions repository and decide if you want to create a new state id or even not.

Oh, yes the first neccessary change - BCF goes parallel. After optimizing the execution plan it was quite easy to implement multithreaded calculation. Long running functions will also be supported. The SetValue method got an other parameter specifying the function instance the value has to be set on.

Currenty I'm reimplementing the relation management. There were some performance issues with update cascade - especially in combination with composit keys of integer. And stackoverflow when deleting many self-join related rows by delete cascade.

If you want to tell or ask me something - give me an e-mail. I noticed than most developers don't want to post their questions in forums. I'm a developer too. Let's mail.